• Are you concerned about cost or time escalation on your project?
  • Have you received requests for Variations/Change Orders?
  • Do you suspect there may be such requests or claims yet to be presented?
  • Would you like to establish the boundaries of potential liabilities?

Understand Your Liabilities

The QMC Commercial Exposure Review is a low cost means of acquiring an independent assessment and overview of the potential for cost increases and time extensions to your project to which the Contractor may be entitled.  It reveals potential entitlement, provides estimates and guidelines for budget control and project management commitments and offers suggestions as to how control of commercial issues and negotiating positions may be established. The Commercial Exposure Review is the first step towards a detailed appreciation of the ultimate commercial outcome of the project.

How it works
A senior consultant from QMC will visit your project site or administrative centre and spend time with personnel engaged on the project from Legal, Contracts and Procurement and Project Management departments as appropriate.  They will also review pertinent documentation.  The scope of the review will include:
  •         A contractual overview of key project matters
  •         A schedule overview of significant delays or changes
  •         Interviews with your team, together with document reviews
  •         Preparation of a short report containing a summary of the project and any key issues,         options for addressing these matters and recommendations for further action
Real Benefits
  •         Clear understanding of the key commercial issues and risk of exposure to delayed         completion and increased project cost
  •         Order of magnitude estimates of ultimate boundaries for commercial settlements
  •         Information for stakeholders and support for mandates to adjust project budgets
  •         Establishment of focus areas and strategies for negotiation and settlement
  •         Peace of mind knowing that surprise issues will be minimal
  •         Pre-emptive action to control opportunism and ransomed completion
  •         Totally independent, low fixed cost expert professional advice as a precursor to audit         trails.
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