Identify problem areas for pre-emptive action

Worried about signs of project deviation?
Concerned that your contractual position is being eroded?

There is a difference between commercial contract administration and contract management.  This is most evident in the area of change management.  Most large scale complex projects are subject to change during the execution of the works.  Often the Contractor and Owner do not see eye to eye on the allocation of risk or recompense for change; or the potential for disputed commercial issues is not recognised until escalation affects execution.

QMC's core business is the identification and analysis of problem areas on large complex projects. Only in exceptional circumstances do we provide consultants for long-term secondment as part of clients' contract administration establishment.  We are most effective, and provide greatest added value, working as a team with our consultants supported by base office expertise.

We do however undertake defined tasks with predetermined timelines and budgets to follow up on commercial exposure reviews; or to examine processes, procedures and project-specific events and circumstances to identify potential problem areas and suggest options for resolution before they become serious; assisting and complementing existing commercial functions of the project management team.  Our consultants are experienced in claims preparation as well as defence, and can recognise and reveal the signs of potential or developing issues.  We will recommend actions and responses to preserve clients' protection afforded by the contract.  Early pre-emptive action will, in most cases, lower unwarranted expectations and discourage opportunistic and unjustified cost recovery claims.  Realistic entitlements foreseen and anticipated can be evaluated and prepared for, eliminating surprises and budget shortfalls.

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Maintain Contract Rights and Protection
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