Ensuring Value for Money by Independent Assessments

Perhaps you have received dubious or unexpected variation requests or claims?

If amicable and timely resolution is not achieved the Contractor can become frustrated by lack of - what they see as - recognition of their rights.  Working relationships deteriorate and uncertainty and distrust inevitably affect the efficient execution of the project.  This can lead to reluctance to implement future changes; disputes involving diversion of resources better employed on construction management; schedule impacts from cash flow difficulties; and even schedule and completion pressures for unwarranted settlements (sometimes characterised as ransom demands or blackmail).

This is where Quantum Meruit Consulting can help.  By commissioning an independent review of Variation (or Change Order) requests and claims, Owners receive a comprehensive report on the merits of the request or claim, in accordance with the provisions of the contract; analysis of the schedule impacts, together with allocation of the responsibility; and evaluation of equitable adjustments to the contract price and completion dates.  The report will offer options for settlement strategies to keep your project under way with a minimum of disturbance from commercial issues.  It will also provide support for mandates, negotiations and results that can be articulated to higher management, stakeholders and for audit trails.

Very often the contractor submits a request or claim that does not provide the level of supporting documentation required for a straightforward assessment.  In such cases QMC consultants combine experience and expertise to guide Owners towards a negotiable settlement, based on a determination of the merits of the circumstances from which the claim originates.  This approach avoids a stand-off where the Owner demands information that the Contractor is unwilling or unable to provide; and promotes progress to break the deadlock and avoid costly legal disputes.

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Secure Independent Assessment of Rights
Avoid Costly Disputes
Resolve Commercial Issues Promptly
Leave Project Managers to Manage
Determine Inadequate Submissions
Avoid Commercial Barriers to Progress
Ensure Value for Money
Articulate Settlement Terms
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